A retro anime zine.


Retromania is a Cookie Crumbs project about 1960's-2000's retro anime.
The zine will focus on introducing a variety of nostalgic anime throughout the times so readers can recall familiar titles and discover new gems to watch.
This zine will be 6x9 inches, SFW, and include work from around 30 artists, 4 merch artists, 5 writers, 4 cosplayers, and 1 chef.


Mod & Intern AppsJan 31 — Feb 20
Interest CheckMar 3 — Mar 31
Artist AppsApr 4 — May 8
EmailsMay 20
PitchesJun 5
Contributor AppsJun 6 — Jun 20
Check-in 1Jun 26
Check-in 2Jul 24
Check-in 3Sep 4
Check-in 4Oct 2
Final SubmissionsDec 2022
Pre-ordersMar 25 — May 28
ProductionJun — Apr
ShippingSummer 2024


What anime will be featured in Retromania?
Any anime up to 2000's is a fair game! We can't name any specific titles, because that will decided by the contributors themselves, but some popular ones like One Piece or JJBA will definitely be mentioned.
Will there be any intended prohibition of "problematic" content in the zine?
While titles that contain suggestive or violent content may be included — such as Lum Invader or Appleseed — the zine itself will not feature any explicit or graphic content to maintain a teen rating.
Is there a list with some possible anime?
There is! You can view our masterlist in here.
Is retro manga allowed or is this strictly an anime-only zine?
We would like to focus mainly on anime, so there won't be any manga-only pieces. Though we won't prohibit any passing manga mentions.
Which genres are going to be included?
The exact genres will be decided via Interest Check, but we will definitely be including action, fantasy, sci-fi, and other popular ones.
Are you going to accept writers too?
Yes! We plan to include some article writers, since we won't be including any fanfictions/stories in the zine, only anime reviews and some fun pages.
Are minors allowed to apply?
Yes! Anyone by the age of 15 and older is free to apply. This won't affect your chances on getting into the zine. Just be mindful that we won't be able to give you any titles that are specifically rated above your current age.
What if I don't know that many titles?
No worries! If you are willing to watch some new ones in order to create an artwork for them, then that is not an issue.
Is this zine for-profit or for charity?
Initially having an at-cost model, Retromania switched to for-profit with final bundle prices kept close to their production costs. There will be only slight mark-ups with the intention of buying free zines for contributors. Any remaining profits will be divided between all contributors.
Would this zine want us to emulate the aesthetic of a retro anime or is any style acceptable?
Any style is accepted! We don't want to restrict the creators too hard, and we would love to see everyone's interpretations of the characters!
I want to apply, but my example pieces contain gore / heavy content. What should I do?
Just make sure to put any applicable warnings beforehand and you are good to go!
Can I apply as both a mod/intern and an artist?
Yes! Mod and Intern apps are completely separate from Artist apps. Meaning, if someone already holds a position in the zine, they can freely apply to be a contributor too! Your mod/intern position won't be prioritized during the voting process.
Can I apply as both merch and page artist? What happens if I am qualified for both?
Yes, you can apply for both positions at the same time! You will be accepted for only one position as not to overwhelm any of you. If you have a preference, feel free to note it in the comments.

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MaxFrost 🖤

Lead, Organization, Finance, Layout
Yo, I'm Max ✌ I've been thinking about creating this zine for almost a year now, so I'm real excited to finally kick it off! I have management, socials, finance, production, layout and translation experience as a mod. I've been in 29 zines total, 19 of them as a finance and twice as a head mod, the other one being Project Chao. I hope you will like what we have to offer!

Birdie 🍤

Art, Layout, Shipping
Hello! \ (・Θ・) / I'm a fan artist and trash for Cowboy Bebop. I've worked in 22 zines as an artist and 10 as a mod. I'm the lead/general mod of soop, and have experience in organization, communications, production, and graphics. Click here for a complete list of my zine work!

Cara 🥂

Organization, Production
Hi there, I’m Cara! I've been hopelessly in love with 2D characters for years now, so I’m absolutely head over heels for the theme of this zine! Outside of watching anime, I’ve modded over 30 zines, including Orbit, the Sailor Springtime Zine, and Spirit, Volumes 1 and 2. Visit my Carrd for a full list of my experience.

mint 🌿

Hihi! I'm Mint and I've been a mod in a handful of zines as a head, graphics, and general mod and a contributor in many. You can find my experience here! I was a huge anime fan as a teen and I continue to hold a lot of series near to my heart.

che 🐨

Heya! I've worked on a handful of zines as a content contributor, and by the end of summer that total will be at two handfuls haha. Excited to be helping out as an intern and watching this project unfold!! There's such a timeless element to older, retro anime – if you discover anything from this zine, I hope it's that ❤️

eve 🌸

hi everyone! i'm eve. i consider myself a casual anime fan, and i absolutely love everything studio ghibli and the makoto shinkai films. i'm also fairly new to the world of zines, and i'm incredibly stoked to be one of retromania's interns! i hope to learn a lot and meet amazing talent from this experience.

M 🔥

Hi there! I've been watching anime since the days of VHS fansub mail-ins. For as long as I've been watching, I've only recently become active in the fandom world. I am super excited to be an intern for this zine and learn everything behind the scenes! I hope you're ready for some classic titles and rare gems!! I can't wait to get started and show you what we've got in store.

Hi! I'm a big weeb who enjoys anime and history, particularly the history of anime. Most of my free time is spent either cosplaying or reading manga. I have contributed to 9 zines so far, and this is my first experience as a mod intern.


Our pre-orders are now CLOSED! Thank you so much for your support, and keep an eye out on the production updates and future leftovers sale on our socials!